Sunday, July 27, 2008

Would you like to take a survey?

Today I was sitting in the RS room with ElCid (for the first time in who knows how many years) waiting for SS to start and in bustles a Sister in the ward I don't know. The couple is relatively new and I've never met her, anyhow she's handing out a paper to everyone.

As she gets to ElCid and I she stops scrutinizes us for a moment then asks "Are you in the 4th ward?" Several not nice things pass through my mind but I stick with yes we are, she hands us both a paper and moves on. What was she passing out? A questionnaire about choir. Which is something every ward is supposed to have and ours is seriously lacking.
I used to participate in choir but I let my life get in the way for lots of reasons.

-I didn't get along with the choir director (I might just use that reason again).

-I had/have a baby/child who screamed when anyone else touched her so singing in Sacrament meeting without her was out.

-They moved choir practice to right after church which is fine for adults but I'm not going to pack a lunch for my kids each week and I don't forsee people lining up to take them home for me.

I've been in my ward for 8 years I realize most of that time has been in Primary and now Young Womens but I would hope to have enough common sense to say to a couple I don't recognize that I potentially want something from "Hi I'm the new choir director, I haven't got a chance to meet you" and then let the couple say to me oh we're just visiting/investigating/nice to meet you this is our first week!/nice to meet you to.

ElCid filled out my survey but I stole it from him before he turned it in. I need a better attitude before I should sing in choir again, besides there is this lady who I really need a better attitude about who ALWAYS sings in choir and I try to stay away from her!


Safire said...

I have to say, I'm a choir dodger myself. Not for any of your reasons, but because I'm bored and our choir really sucks. Now I get to use the new baby card and no one guilts me into it. :)

And yes, your choir director should have been a little more polite about asking you if you're in the ward.

The Lowes said...

i think we have the same annoying feelings about people like that. i would have had to bite my tounge too!

redheadsmom said...

My sarcasm couldn't have handled it, I know there would have been no tongue-biting here!

Karen Valinda said...

Since you and my 3 beautiful grand daughters are hard to miss, she must not look around herself in meetings!

I had a very nice day, breakfast in bed ala Moga, released with a vote of thanks from RS supervisor and RS chorister, lots of texts from Railrunner (she was working and is 48 today) I was in bed by 2200,JE leaves in 55 minutes for Scout Camp for a week so I will be a childless widow temporarily... but NO invitation to join choir... our choir director moved end of June and on one has replaced her.

xoxoxox 54