Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Better Day

In some aspects at least. I left my house at 10:30 and didn't get back until 3:20 but in the 2.5 hours since then I did dinner and finished this up! I think it looks pretty cool. :)
I spent all that time looking for belt buckles, I finally got them at DI, still attached to belts but far less expensive then anywhere else. I also got fabric for the red dress (no still no pictures) and for Aida's captive outfit, I hope anyway. I also found some fabric I'm going to suggest for the wings on the Isis couture outfit. I bought the fabric for Radames Wedding jacket, and new fabric to work on the mummy dress, the disaster from yesterday.

Well it is Tuesday so I'm off to YW in a half hour and then to rehearsal!


Karen Valinda said...

It ate my comment! ! !

Awesome! The buckles are great.

Hope YW went well for you... no fighting, biting,(pms) or confrontations ;-}


Karen Valinda said...

I just checked the business site for the costume sketches and I am NOT finding one that matches this - which one is this?


Bloggin has started!!! said...

That out fit looks kinda...um...well....Like like something u would use behind closed doors...HAHAHAHA...thought that would make u blush!