Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All right all ready!!!

I was reminded 3 times today I hadn't posted on my blog since Sunday. Would you like to know what I've done since then??

I was a true single parent because ElCid went to Phoenix (Sunday at 3:30) for a ball game with his bro, BIL and Dad. He got back at 4:10 this afternoon.

Monday morning I volunteered in Jr's class to help with year end testing.

I worked on the Aida costumes

I got ready for the PTSO meeting

I went to and conducted the PTSO meeting

I went and did a fitting at rehearsal

I came home and fought with people to get them into bed

I got up today drove carpool

Went fabric shopping

Got Jr

Went shopping for dickies & wife beaters

Came home did more sewing and my serger started making a funny noise then froze up

ElCid got home and I took the serger to the repair place where I was treated like a 5 yr old who didn't know a serger from a needle and thread. I was informed of the cost like I was going to be surprised even though I told the lady I'd had it fixed there before. I also told her what had to be fixed the last time it froze up like this and she wouldn't write it down to be checked. Then I asked for the loaner and she tells me they don't give loaners on sergers. I totally said really?? because the last 2 times I had it fixed here they gave me one. Basically she told me I was wrong and I couldn't have borrowed one from them. The other lady listening to the conversation says in this all holy tone "besides we're going to need all our machines for our event on Sunday" Even though the flyer next to me said bring your own machine!!!!!! I was seriously PO by now and I have no other choice but to leave it with them because they are the only people who can fix it right. I've tried other repair places and the machines come back worse!!! Oh yeah, my machine will probably be ready in a week.

So that is where I've been. Since Friday night I've gotten 6, 5, 7, and 7 hours of sleep. I know part of you get less but my baby is 4, and I need 8 hours or I'm scatterbrained and beastly.

Are you all happy now??


Safire said...

Juice says he's never happy when you're beastly. Please, get some sleep. :)

The Lowes said...

Yikes...you're a devil with no sleep. Sorry to tease the beast, you're forgiven for not posting but next time you better inform us of all your duties (nacho libre).

redheadsmom said...

Wow, you DO need more sleep!

Karen Valinda said...

but you were done with everything that needed serging for now, right?

I would have had to beat them senseless with my past receipts... wait, they were already there (senseless) so it would have just been a waste of time!

But you KNOW I would have managed to fit into the conversation, "You mean the event that this flyer sez 'bring your own machine' for?" Which also would have been a waste of time... once again you are smarter than I.

I take it PTSO went well, and the year end testing sounds helpful and amusing... does George go with you? You guys always liked me to bring Moga and/or JE to school when I helped.

Sleep, sleep, shhhhhh Ddonn is sleeping, z z z z z