Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play date

Today I washed my counter tops, swept my floor and we had my friend over who's oldest is in Jr's class at school. His little brothers are 4, 1.5, and 6 mo's old.

They are the super cutest little boys and George is in love with the 4 yr old. She cries when she doesn't see him at drop off or pick up, she talks about him when we're at home and he can do no wrong...until he touches her toys that she's playing with.

It was a lot of fun to take a little bit of time to just hang out while the kids played Wii, in the backyard, in the playroom and generally ran around.

I also worked on THE red dress (? for lack of a better term), Zoser's gauntlets, and his skirt/loincloth, and the base for the Mummy's mini dress.

I took the last 3 items in for a quick fitting.

I have a bit more time so I'm going to go back to work once the kids are officially in bed.


Zanne said...

I don't have a copy of the 12 Avenues of Bliss...if I did I might share it with my students. :P
The AIDA costumes look wonderful so far btw.

The Lowes said...

no pics of the red dress or the friends??

Karen Valinda said...

yeah, no pictures? ;-}

It sez you will be 109 today, makes my 97 hardly seem worth whining about, keep my girls (all 4) cool for me, please.


Bloggin has started!!! said...

So a pic of the one play date but not the other...I feel left out!!!! HAHAHA J/k