Tuesday, July 8, 2008


You'd think that for my 200th post I'd have come up with something fabulous, but I haven't. It's just another day. I figured I would do some updates on past posts because I really hate it when the news tells you a story and then you never hear how it ends.

- ElCid was randomly reading my blog last night and really likes the green magnet idea that Flo proposed for Tuesday nights. Since this is a Tuesday I'll let you know if that works out.

- a couple weeks ago we had Stake training and I found out why I was talked to about my lessons. I was including personal experiences. We were instructed that we shouldn't be using personal experiences in our lessons that we need to stick to the scriptures, New Era, and Ensign. These are the approved helps and anything else should be kept for more personal one on one talks with the young women.

- some of our Tunsian treats are very tasty like the pistachios that are covered in the jordan almond covering they taste like pistachio pudding, which I like. We haven't tried everything yet.

- the costumes are going okay. I have got to go shopping for the show. There are many things that need to be bought and I'm just not getting to them.

- it is much easier to remove the letters on the sign by hand using the ladder. The pole thingy is great to get them on but i haven't figured out how to get the letters off using it.

- I'm headed to rehearsal again tonight to finish trying things on the women's ensemble then I can sorta move on, sorta.

Okay I think that is everything for now, thanks for reading!


The Lowes said...

the personal experience thing doesn't make sense to me because they told me to USE personal exp. in my teaching. whatever...that's odd.

Karen Valinda said...

Any trouble finding a green magnet???

I am sure there were times that I was made uncomfortable by a personal experience shared in a lesson (yes, it DOES happen) that made all the difference to someone else in attendance. The recognizing when and with whom to do the one on one sharing is real tricky for me . . . as I know you are well aware.

Yeah 200 ! ! !