Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mommy Helper

This morning was testing in kindergarten and I volunteered in Jr's class. You have to make sure the kids are doing their own work, that they filled in an answer, in the case of one kid I was watching make sure she was staying get the idea.

After testing they went to recess and George loves recess so we stayed for recess and snack. After recess I still stayed because it was too late to get anything else done before it would be time to come back for Jr.

I really like Jr's teacher. She is the same age as Wil, really nice and funny. The mom of Jr's friend KR also stayed to help and she's very cool too. We transferred answers to scantrons, collated memory books and busy work like that.

I like helping out in the classroom it's the one thing my mom always did that I really wanted to do when my own kids got to school.

Now I need to get costume stuff done before ElCid and I go to 1776 for our hot date tonight!


Zanne said...

Open up a window! Sit down John, sit down! :D
(Feel free to take a potty break during "He plays the violin." Chances are they will still be singing it by the time you get back to your seat.) :P

Karen Valinda said...

A HOT date on a Wednesday?! You truly ARE amazing. I showed my Meridian grandchildren the pictures on your blog for the last couple of months, they were impressed... the river, the water balloons and the red haired* cousins ;-} (*That'd be Michelle)

Good keeping up the tradition of classroom involvement~ it is great prep for George too.


The Lowes said...

I love helpin out too but now that i have 600 kids it's gonna be a little hard to do that. i always said i'd be a room mom for all my kids at least ONE year of their schooling and preferably kindergarten, but that may be impossible with little ike. we'll see!!