Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun on the 4th

Okay so we were so busy having fun the pictures didn't make it on but here they are now!

All the fun began with a trip to the pool. The water was so nice to sink into and the girls were properly wore out so they went to bed relatively easily!
On the 4th we went swimming again of course and I worked on my cool Aunt/Mommy status by filling a cooler full of water balloons for the bbq later that night.
Someone at the bbq had a pink beetle power wheel. George no longer wants a kitty for her birthday she wants her own pink car.
After the bikes, food, slip n slide and general festivities came ...the fireworks!!
(these were taken with my phone, my real camera was being finicky)
Saturday we spent time with ElCid's family and had another bbq with M & High-Dee's extended families. Sunday we got up early bathed all the people did their hair pretty and drove to the blessing. Little LuLu decided to try out her lungs but M2 behaved herself and slept through the whole thing. They both looked super darling in their dresses. Before the dazzling dozen got changed out of their Sunday clothes we tried to get a picture of them - yeah right! With a little photoshop I'm sure we'll create a great picture. :)
After dinner we had more of M's extended family over for ice cream and George throughly enjoyed her cone.
Now we're back and I'm working hard on AIDA so it will be DONE!!!!


Karen Valinda said...

My first thought at the second dazzling dozen photo was that Flo was going to disown you for posting the 'grimace' shot of her daughter, THEN I noticed how cute her son is in that one (actually he did well in all of them!) and figured you will be safe ;-}

Great pictures! I would have enjoyed being in the one at the pool . . . I can't remember the last time I was in a pool, when Drox was a baby at the apt Aunt LeAnna lived in is my best guess - that's 15 years ! ! ! Yeesh! NOW I know what I want for my birthday.

I have been swimming in the American river more recently, just not in a pool. Looks like you had fun... would have been nice to have some after shots of the cooler contents ;-Þ


Sandra said...

Ooooh! Looks like you had fun. I think George NEEDS her own pink car, she looks so dang cute driving it!

The Lowes said...

george definitely needs her own pink car!! she looks so precious in it.