Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Window Lickers no more!

lol I just had to use Creek's wife's phrase!

Way back at the beginning of the school year we had a sign donated to our school. It would be made by apprentices but we didn't mind, it saved us big $$$ and the school didn't have any sign at all.
The sign was finally completed and was put in I'm thinking around Feb /Mar. The company who donated the sign let us know where to find letters but does not sell them themselves. I took the task of finding the letters and I admit it took me far longer than necessary to get the measuring done and to get on the job.

When I finally did get on it I called up my King Daddy and batted my baby blues and he generously agreed to have one of his workers help me out. He also donated the letters saving the PTSO about $300. While I was working with the very helpful person at his work it became apparent that the track size they built for the letters wasn't standard and gave us a couple fits.

After a month of looking and working the letters finally arrived yesterday and today my monkeys & I went and put up our first sign!! (Look how well centered it is!)
One of the office workers commented that it was about time that the blank sign had bugged her and another was surprised to hear we had a sign at all!
Thanks again King Daddy you're the best!!


The Lowes said...

see ur perfect for that job! i'm too lazy to do stuff like that, i want people to come to ME when i need them!! haha

Beki said...

JUST EMM? What, not enough letters to spell it out??

Karen Valinda said...

Beki is ornery...pay NO attention to her comment! Looks divine*. You could have reproduced the logo tho'... ;-Þ

*Especially the monkeys, quite fond of them... if I build a cage can I have one or two? Three would be selfish of me, I could just rotate them now and then.

Heidi said...

It looks awesome! Way to go!