Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's new with us

Not much actually!

Friday we went to the storage closet/room (?) at the law office downtown and did inventory on Peter Pan stuff for the production company. The girls did really well for close quarters and not much entertainment.

Friday night I got to go to see the show again and I totally love theater so very much! It was fun to be kid free and just get pulled into the magic on stage I also got a renewed sense of why I love helping to create that magic, which is a good thing because AIDA starts full force tomorrow!!!

Saturday was uneventful until the girls and I decided to be brave and ride our bikes to the park. It was about 2.4 miles round trip. We only had 3 accidents and nobody hit a car or got hit by a car. The girls felt very cool and grown up.

To calm my nerves and test my patience further we went shopping! We bought Father's day cards and a graduation card for one of my Laurels.

Last night I finally nailed down ElCid to see I Am Legend (it was okay) for our hot date. It ended up being chaotic and disjointed while we fought kids longer than usual and George took her turn barfing! I fully expect Fred to get sick on our trip in Idaho next week.

Today I taught a very mild non controversial lesson about the Temple Endowment. Like I would ever mess with that topic! I found these totally cute dolls while blog hopping and made one for each girl dressed in white. I should have taken a picture, they were darling, but you know impetuous me! Maybe I'll do a couple more and put pictures up.

Tomorrow I'm headed back to storage to look one more time by myself, the girls got invited to pick peaches and hang out with a family in the ward. Then I have to get serious about AIDA and packing for Idaho!! I'm very excited for our trip. I haven't been to my grandma's house in 16 years.

Okay time to chase people back to bed!


The Lowes said...

love the new header! you should take ur chickens to see kung fu panda. we're going today. i'm usually not a big cartoon fan because they always have the SAME humor, but my sister (the animator) says kung fu panda is now in her top five cartoons and i trust her opinion so we're gonna try it out~

redheadsmom said...

the reason I don't take you to cool places is because full price blue bunny cones are like $4 a piece!