Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talk about convience!

Yesterday I actually paid 3 seconds of attention to the message that was on the dashboard (?) blogger page and I discovered the new blog roll layout! It is very much a new favorite of mine.

It's all set up so you know when the people on your list have posted. It can also say the tile of the blog post and the icon of their blog but I thought that was a lot more messy looking so I took it off.

An even happier feature is that the new blog opens in a new window!!

Now that I've done my little infomercial I gotta get moving!!

I did loads of laundry yesterday and I did most of the dishes. I started pulling out warm clothes for George but I still need to get stuff out for Fred & Jr. The weather report has the temperature warming through the weekend but there was 2 inches of snow earlier this week. And apparently it's still snowing according to the current reports, this might just be an adventure!!!

I also have to go to Macy's and do a little AIDA shopping. They are having another big sale and last time I saw a couple dresses that might work but didn't have all the measurements with me. It's a hard thing but somebody's got to do it!!


The Lowes said...

Okay, u should get the blogger award of the month because you're like the ONLY one of on my blogs listed that actually POSTS regularly. annoying is everyone else?! I'll get around to adding the new blog roll thing, thanks for finding that!!

Safire said...

Ooohhh...k, I have no time (other than to read...too hard to type posts one handed) but now I have to play with the new layouts. Thanks for adding another thing to my to do list. :)

Karen Valinda said...

When you are here, in the five spare seconds we have, you can show me some of the more obvious points I have blissfully missed!

And if the roll shows when I have posted I can't surprise you, now can I? Where is the mystery in THAT Ddonn???
Well, there IS the part where I will constantly forget and rediscover the same info again and again... but Le is going to work on my memory with me!
Unlike the nameless child content to just invest in blinds... ;-Þ