Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Day Sale

At Macy's I found a dress that might work (it was $40.51) we'll have to see once the director sees it and I put it on the girl's body. Here it is on my dress form it looks good here.

I also just happened to find two bags of clothes for my kids too!! It was amazing! Most of the clothes are for Fred. She definitely lucks out being at the head of the pack but I splurged and got a few things for Jr. & George too. When it's $4 for a shirt that was originally $20... I got a couple long sleeved things that will work for next week and should still fit in the fall. I did pay a hideous amount ($16) for the most darling Hello Kitty dress for George but I hardly EVER have to buy her anything so it all works out, right? I also let them each get 2 pairs of "fancy panties", they were a dollar.The people at Macy's today are just a little bit fired though. They were slow and the lines were long and they didn't take the security tags off 2 of my things!


Safire said...

She looks so cute in that dress! You always find the most amazing deals.

Beki said...

What size is that dress? I bet it's too small for me, but if the director doesn't want it... Ok, I would have no real use for it either, and not working for a year makes it hard to justify buying things.

Karen Valinda said...

But Mom, it has sparklies!
Sparklies are worth $16 EASY and just in time to dazzle everyone she meets on vacation! What a great mom !

I love that you typed "fired" when you probably meant "tired" although when the siren went off as you tried to leave I am sure it was more "fired" running thru your mind...

No time to comment... I have people coming tomorrow evening and have to get in gear... making sure my house is kid proof by 10 when my visiting teachers arrive this morning is pure inspired motivation!

Happy Moga's Day! xoxoxox