Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Super Fabulous Summer Vacation - Part 3

Okay this should be the end of all the fun, I know, sad. Enjoy it while you can :)

There is a tram/trolley that runs over the river that we played on as kids but some years ago an Uncle of mine (cough *Tony* cough) thought he was being bested by his sister (my Mom) and his niece (Moga) when they both truly and accidentally shot down the clothes line, so he went out with one of the many guns there and used up several rounds until he managed to shoot down the pull line for the tram. I decided to fix it and I did. But many years of weather and more weather caused one of the pulleys to get a big ole crack in it and the crack made a hole so only after a couple trips the tram was once again out of service! I had fun "fixing" it and got some good bruises too.

He's so careful, it's cute

George appeared at my side after playing for a while telling me she needed her hands washed I was preoccupied and absently turned around to see this in my face! It's just dirt and saw dust

Jr. & George fought over this tractor all week long, it's been there for ages and is still a favorite.
The tree finally won the battle and knocked the outhouse over. when we went up to check it all out it didn't really smell bad - honest!

My Uncle Ed came out with his wife, their cats and 3 kittens my kids fell in love with. George promptly changed her mind that really she wants a kitten for her Birthday.
After 3 1/2 days of falling over the tree finally came to it's final resting position

ElCid and I went out with a tape measure and got the length... err... um... height for my grandma.

The outhouse was a 2 seater cause Ed was only 3 when they moved there (he's 28 now)

This was the view out my window every morning,
the colors here are weak compared to the real thing

Before we left we took a new 4 generation group shot, all of us in our natural poses, none of that phony look at the camera and smile stuff ;)

It was too dark on the way in but on the way out we took pictures of overhanging rock
J.Lo you could have had Issak under the famous landmark had you come!

And to leave you all with that last bit of fun here are the 5 of us rafting down the river (narration and cinematography by my Mom)

~The End~


Karen Valinda said...

YES! pictures of Ddonn and the raft video is much better than I feared (phew!) First video I ever took in all my born days!

great job! I wish grammy had security cameras that could have filmed the whole event... the hotdog roasting and marshmellow toasting and careful selection of rocks, the lovely meals and dutch oven cooking and then I could relive it at my leisure... and accurately too! ;-Þ

sure hope you are feeling better!

The Lowes said...

I love the 4 generations shot, that's perfect!! I prefer my lumpy hospital bed to being under the rock giving birth, but thanks anyway!!

the river looks like a TON of fun, my kids would totally love that, how exciting!

Safire said...

Love that George's natural pose is crying. :) Looks like a great time!

redheadsmom said...

too bad elcid didn't have j to rock his turn! you know he would have