Saturday, June 28, 2008

All That Stuff

With my fun new blog roll it makes me very aware of the fact that I might not be showing up favorably on other people's blog rolls! Here are pictures off all the things keeping me busy. Please keep in mind this isn't the same family friendly show Peter Pan was and the costumes do reflect that. All of the artwork below was done by Steve Huntsman and belongs to him.


The Lowes said...

i wanna wear one of those sexy outfits when i pick austin up from the airport. do you think i'd stand out?

redheadsmom said...

if j. lo gets one, I want one too!

Sandra said...

Tell ya what, Jessica. I'll have Valinda take a picture of me in the sexy ones when I'm wearing them during my performance and I'll photoshop your head onto it!

See why I wanted to play that role?