Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Super Fabulous Summer Vacation - Part 2

Okay the heat and meds are turning my brain to mush
so I'd better get more of these pictures up!

This is looking up river
This is looking across the river
We went "into town" to see friends of my mom, grandma & brother
this it view from their amazing porch
More of their fantastic view
They have sheep
and Peacocks
and bunnies, as well as 5 Irish wolfhound..."puppies??"
I didn't get pictures of as my children tried to scale me.
Drox found snakes, he is 15, George decided that's what she wants for her birthday

My sexy man trying out another fishing spot
We went for a drive to see a view
ElCid enjoying the view(we were actually stopped for a potty break)
On the road with the view we found SNOW!!!
and then we stopped for lunch and found MORE!!!
(it's only sideways for a while)

Fred found some flowers and made up a story to go with them.
You can just die while we'll stay blooming and pretty
I think I can, I think I can
I knew I could! And I did it! I did it!
we decided that these were from an animal, or a football player
On the way back we found an Elk City Road block
I found some water too!
Hey! That one's mine!! Can you find yours?
Small town charm
Okay so that is today's installment. The last piece should be up tomorrow, should be.


redheadsmom said...

cool pictures!

Karen Valinda said...

Tomorrow do we cover rafting? (then we would get to see a shot or two of you!) I love all the pictures, the snow is even more amazing in the video than I would have expected ;-}


The Lowes said...

Those pictures are SOO freakin beautiful!! i wanna run away to that place. i love the sheep and peacocks!! kora would love the snake. tell me again, why didn't u invite us??