Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Super Fabulous Summer Vacation - part 1

As you all know we went to Elk City for a week and it was so relaxing and very much fun!!

We left Boise on Sunday after church and drove the never ending drive through teeny town USA. There isn't a freeway to Elk City just highways and state routes so you have to slow down for each hick town along the way. You know those police officers have nothing better to do than give speeding tickets. The last real stop on the way is Grangeville. I lived there for the second half of second grade. We successfully harassed the people at the gas station for about 15 minutes then we moved on.
We made it to my Grandma's house around 9pm.

The next morning the girls woke me up and I couldn't see a clock so I talked to them and they were hungry so I went looking for shoes and then I saw the clock...5:23!!!! I thought the sky looked awful light but I didn't think much of it. I told them NOBODY else was awake and NOBODY else wanted to be awake so they had to be silent!! I took them into the main house and got them cereal and put on Pocahontas and like any good mommy I went back to bed! After another hour and a half of sleep I walked up to the outhouse and thought it was odd that it was a little tilted but I hadn't been there in so long maybe I was remembering wrong.

The rest of the first day we hung out, explored, threw big rocks into the river,dug out fishing gear (The girls were amazingly patient with fishing. The river was too swift and high for there to be fish for them to catch but everyday they would go out to the river cast their rods and reel them in and do it all over again for about 45 minutes)
set up "camp"
had a campfire for hot dogs and smores and discovered why the out house had felt tilted - it was. A big tree had fallen on it and was leaning against it.
The outhouse actually proved to some of the best excitement for the whole week, it sounds sad and pathetic but watching the fight between a 25 yr old outhouse and a 100 foot tree is actually interesting. It wasn't all we did either, it just filled the random quiet moments.

More later gotta get Jr.


Sandra said...

Out house? What an adventure!

Idaho sure is purty! I don't know how you get your gils to handle such long car rides - my kids can barely make it to Disneyland!

The Lowes said...

uhmm..i don't think i could have handled the outhouse thing. i would rather go in the woods instead of a scary dark wooden shack that probably has a million spiders hiding in it. *shiver*

Karen Valinda said...

A post! You must be feeling better. I am SO glad!

If Jessica only knew! One does not even want to dwell on WHAT might be hiding in the stacks of hundreds of Reader's Digests, National Geographics, and miscellaneous 'womens' magazines stacked in there!

The outhouse is 4-5 feet wide, 3-3 1/2 feet deep and taller than me...(5'6")probably 6 feet tall at the back and 8 or more at the front. The seat is an old church pew... talk to my dad!* and is a two seater, my little brother was only 3 when they moved there... and the last 18+ inches is where the book stacking began, eventually reaching shoulder height(sitting) and then taking up the floor space in front of the "hole-less" end. A shelf on that end wall holds hand sanitizer, extra paper and has a really nice floral wreath on the wall above it. The toilet paper 'dispenser' is, of course, on the end by the holes. It never had a door, originally it faced up hill so there was no need* and when it was repositioned 15 or more years ago facing downhill and the river, a curtain was hung... which blocks the view, btw!

Beautiful pictures Ddonn! I look forward to more! I am glad you are well enough to post! ! !


Zanne said...

Thanks for the pictures! I am glad you felt well enough to post. Hope you continue to get better.

Safire said...

Sounds like fun! Who's that guy in the fatigues?