Monday, June 23, 2008

Freezing to death

And I'm not even talking about Idaho! I will post all of that later I promise but right now AIDA comes first.

I somehow got a kidney infection that make the end of the trip super fun and despite a shot in my bum and oral antibiotics I'm still running a low grade fever which gives me the chills. I'm sitting here in my 76 degree house which is usually a tad warm shivering in ElCid's bathrobe. I've had 2 blessings and I'm having faith but MAN! I hate being sick.

Oh yeah we went over this a month ago!!


Karen Valinda said...

How awful! When did this happen? I was thinking how busy today would be for you with people headed back to school, etc and checked here... just in case you had time to say "We're home!"... only to find a full time maid and care basket are in order! Yeesh.

love you... when JE checks in I will let him know to add you to his prayers, take his mind off football camp, eh? ... xoxoxox

Sandra said...

Ouch! NO FUN! Kidney Infections are the worst.

I'm glad you're back, though. We'll chat soon - crazy new information to share with you!

The Lowes said...

I hopeur better now!! I hte being sick and having a fever, it really sucks.