Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day in cilvilization

Well actually were going to be in Utah and Nampa on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but really do they count as civilization? They don't have 24 hour everything, and they do have limited shopping.

This morning we worked on my list of things to get done that included getting an oil change, some deep woods off and flashlights. Mine always seem to disappear or have no batteries.

Our next project was cleaning out the car. I had to do the front seat area and the girls have to do their area. I might feel bad for them but they're the ones that can't seem to take out what they carry in! Of course it took way longer than it should have and it dissolved into - she looked at me, she won't pick up trash, I'm do all the work, George won't help, and on and on and on so I sent them all to their own spot and they promptly fell asleep for nearly 2 hours.

I decided to do myself a favor and did all of ElCid's laundry so I wouldn't have to wait on him to pack. He's here now for a visit after home teaching but still has hours of work to get done.

I'm down to the last minute things and really hope I don't forget something important!

I've discovered somethings in all my getting ready and rediscovered other things.
-I have bunches of towels, like 20 they aren't clean all at the same time very often.
-I have bunches of cups, they fill up the cupboard both shelves.
-I seriously dislike matching socks, I'd rather buy new ones (I didn't this time).
-My kids have way too many clothes (be quiet Flo) when they are all clean at the same time they won't fit in their buckets!

Well I think we're just about there. I'll post again from my Mom's house with all the fun from the first 12 hours of driving and we're going to see Kung Fu Panda on Saturday in Nampa. Then we're off into the great beyond!


Safire said...

Have a fun time!

Heidi said...

Good Luck! I hope you enjoy the time away!!Tell ElCid Hi!
Love ya,

Karen Valinda said...

JE wonders if the girls would like the four wheelers... that is if they survive the shock of five one year old Irish wolfhounds up close and personal.

My kids always cleaned out the car w/o comment or complaint... that's how I remember it!
My favorite REAL memory about kids and cars is people who aren't nice to the others sing "Kindness begins with me" and if they chose to sing ... begins with 'k'... instead, they get to sing it again.

I would comment more but I have company to get ready for...

;-Þ xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

There's nothing civilized about Utah so ur comment is true, don't correct yourself.

I hate how Austin always waits until the VERY last minute to pack everything. It drives me NUTS, but there's usually nothing I can do to speed him up so I deal with it. At least ur hubby has work as his excuse...Austin's got nuthin.

I also HATE cleaning out my car. I won't do it. I take it to be done FOR me and when one of my kids acts up, I use cleaning out the car as their punishment!! It's one of my favorites!! hahah

redheadsmom said...

Hey! I have to live in Utah for at least 18 more months, so be nice everybody!