Saturday, June 14, 2008

Living in 1995

My Mom has a brand new computer, it doesn't have any card slots. So my really cute pictures of George that I have on my camera are stuck on my camera. Silly me I left my USB cable at home because I thought most computers in 2008 have card slots. You know what they say about assuming things.

Anyhow we made it here in one piece. Plan A 2.0 ended up being leaving at 9:30 but ElCid was with us so I tried to be a grown-up about the change.

We stopped in Washington and used Flo's nice clean bathroom and splashed in her yard with Bubba & Kafra for a couple minutes.

We made our every two hours rule work for us once again. The girls watched movies and played nicely, and I drove all the way to Provo where I surprised My Zanne. We went to dinner at Burgers Supreme and the boys got to talk ridiculous video games. AKA Entropia & Final Fantasy 11? Zanne and I talked about her new nephew and her job and all that fun.

Once we left Provo (about the 1/2 way mark) ElCid took the drivers seat and I got girl duty. It became apparent about 45 minutes later that he wasn't going to be able to handle freeway driving after staying up for 36 hours and only having a couple naps. At Ogden we stopped and I was back in the drivers seat all the way to Nampa. The last 75 miles I watched carefully for each mile marker as we inched closer to a bed!!

We arrived here at 1 am and I was asleep by 1:15. We've spent about $150 on gas so far, not counting the fact that we had 3/4 a tank leaving Las Vegas.

We're headed to see Kung Fu Panda - J. Lo I'm trusting you here :) - and then we have some "shopping" to do. lol Shopping in Idaho. Here's hoping the theater has A/C and doesn't smell like cows ...


The Lowes said...

UH oh...I hope you like it then, otherwise you'll never trust me again. Maybe u'll sleep during the movie and you'll never know if it was good or not.

creeks wife said...

I thought the Kung Fu Panda was great! Just my two cents.

Karen Valinda said...

The cow smell and train noise are at the house... the theater is near the sugar beet refinery, that's a whole 'nother smell! Can't smell it in the theater tho' that's why they have popcorn popping... to make sure there are no awful smells, everyone knows that!

Kung Fu Panda was way better than JE feared ;-} Until the credits said Jackie Chan was the voice for Monkey and I expressed surprise and JE said (essentially) Duh! It was obvious... then I said we would have to stay and watch again so I could pay attention and see how obvious it was ;-Þ