Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going to bed...

At least it's earlier than last night! (it's 12:40am)

The movie was very funny. Even ElCid and I were able to giggle out loud through the whole thing.

We did our shopping and found a present for ElCid for later today I guess. No I'm not a procrastinator I just didn't know what to get him...

We also got gas, last minute food supplies and sunscreen I thought I packed mine but haven't seen it and at 7,000 feet it's not something you wanna miss.

We're going to church here in Nampa and then it's off to my grandma's house. With all the father's day festivities and getting everything back into the car I'm not sure if you'll hear anything from me for the next 5 or 6 days.

Jessica, good luck! You'll do great, I think your toes being pretty is a definite must.

Sandra, thanks for covering for me with Peter Pan, hopefully they won't need anything before I get back.

Flo, try to survive and have some fun!! Only 1 & 1/2 yrs until it's over!

Everyone else, be good, stay safe and I'll hear from you on the flip side :)


Karen Valinda said...

Bought lots of nice things to make for breakfast but we were (are) all up so late I am not sure anyone will get up early enough to cook OR eat!

The scary part is when Ddonn calls from the store saying "last chance to remember anything we need" talk about pressure!


Sandra said...

Well, I probably owe you - though who's keeping track anymore!

The Lowes said...

thanks for the well wishes...i'm sure all will go smoothly and when u come home u'll have a sweet little baby boy to stare at on the puter!! (and he might be wearing some cute t's from GAP that I bought with a GAP card from a special friend!!)