Friday, May 9, 2008

Still Here

Still working on the Captain...I'm hoping to make ANY profit at this point!

Still fighting kids to go to bed

Done with Muffin's with Mom (PTSO thing)

Saw Jr's totally sweet Mother's day Program

Still working on My lesson for Sunday (The Blessings of the Priesthood)

Helping with a birthday party for the oldest girl with the beautiful hair in the morning

Realizing that a couple of those pounds I lost have found their way "home"

Realizing I need to get back on the healthy wagon

Still waiting for AIDA renderings (hint hint)

ElCid is home tonight so that is a happy thing and I think I'm going to bed now.

I just wanted to let you all know I'm still here. I'd hate to be put on time out. ;)

1 comment:

The Lowes said...

y'all's lesson schedule is crazy. we did that lesson several weeks ago. I wish we were on the same schedule!! two brains coming up with ideas are always better than one.

i'm glad ur aware of the potential time out. don't worry though, you aren't anywhere NEAR time out status. sandra on the other hand...hehe