Saturday, May 10, 2008

Feelin' Peevish

I'm on the phone with Flo and I started off the conversation asking her to remind me just to let things go. As most of you know the Twilight book is being made into a movie. It comes out in December, supposedly the 12th we'll see how it works out.

When My Zanne was here for Fred's baptism she showed me a whole bunch of sites and stuff that talk about the movie. Some of the stills and video clips REALLY bugged me! These are all observations and what I saw was out of context so I could be wrong...we could only hope!

The trailer shows the truck they are using for Bella's it's not the same kind the author has pictured on her own website!

The ballet studio scene takes place in a huge two story looking room with pillars WRONG it's just a regular neighborhood ballet studio.

The baseball game takes place during the daytime. WRONG it was night

Then there are the people, where to start?
-I like Cedric Diggory and all but is he really Edward material?
-The girl they picked to be Bella fits.
-Alice's hair is too long. The author explains in her vision that when you get changed into a vampire you're stuck where you are. Alice was in a loony asylum they shaved her head and she was changed when her hair hadn't grown back very much.
-I also think Jasper's hair is too long he was a solider in the 1800's. I know they had long hair and all but his looks like a bush.
-Emmet has curly hair (the actor was doing another movie and his hair didn't grow back in time) and he's never outwardly against Bella, Rosalie is.
-James has long hair - in the book it clearly states both traveling men have short cropped hair.
-Laurent is black which doesn't really bother me all that badly but his hair is dreads, like I mentioned before both men have short cropped hair. Laurent has an olive complexion and shiny black hair. All of this is clearly outlined in the book.
-I could go on and on but you know what they say about beating a dead horse.
-They also had a picture of her human friends and they made them more multi ethnic than I pictured but that didn't bother me so much because she never took the time to describe them in as much detail

The author herself says in one of the many things I read that the movie is based off the book that they won't be the exact same. Obviously she knows she has nitpicking, fanatical kinds of people reading her books!

Will I be seeing the movie in December? I'm actually still debating. It took me 300 pages to get over some of my personal problems with the book. (That is a whole other ranting post) Will it be worth $10 to be bugged for a couple hours? Will it be a repeat of Pirates 3? Where I am still,1 year later trying to get over how HORRIDLY they ended that whole thing? Will I be able to grow up and get over that they changed things? We'll see how I feel after August 2nd, after I see how she ends the story. I'm actually not so anxious about that I'm not sure how I want it to end.

Oh well enough ranting and I've procrastinated finishing my lesson long enough by spending this evening on the hammock reading, which refreshed all those things to rant about. It was a lot of fun though!

No, I'm not admitting which # of times it was for me to read the book! :)


Zanne said...

Random Trivia: In chinese lore, Vampires hop (think, really.)
The whole James vs. Jacob "only bad guys wear pony tails" thing still bugs me. Hollywood seems to think that if someone is a Vampire they should have a certain they fashion them after the example of Buffy or Charmed...when one of the things I liked most about this book series is that the author makes up her own rules about Vampires. I bought her new book "The Host" for my sister to read in the hospital this week. (yup, Eli was the smallest, only 8 lbs 5 oz...and he has tons of DARK hair!) <(^^<) (>^^)>

RO3 said...
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Hillary said...

Funny. I won't tell you how many times I've read the books either - I've lost count :) If you want to talk theories on the next book I've got a few!

Karen Valinda said...

I'm guessing it must be the way I felt about Eragon... won't even bother to waste $ on the movie, it was too different just from the trailers and previews. My good sense was confirmed by the reviews of less principled (;-}) friends who caved and went... when the hair colors are all wrong I have NO hope! Plus they combined elements from Eldest in with parts of Eragon, should have just called it "dragonlore via paolini"!

Still waiting for you to decide about Pirates 2... if it is coming our way or not ;-Þ