Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yeah 'n' Stuff

I finished The most recent teal mermaid dress and sent it away. I did it different than the last 2 times - she sent me better pictures. The long sleeves detach.

ElCid has been at work for the last 32 hours and might be home in the next two but isn't sure. There is a financial statement to get out.

We're headed to the Arts Festival at school tonight. That is a combination of an art display, some group will be singing, the book fair is open, and I will get a tutorial on the new parentlink program our school was chosen to pilot.

My zone variance got signed today! I'll still be on PTSO but I didn't have to sell my soul completely...yet.

I started the Pirate Captain and in true first time fashion I SO didn't quote her a high enough price by about $75. Now I know for next time.

Did you notice you can now rate my posts? I didn't ask for that. I think it's a bit stressful, comments can be bad enough but now ratings?
They're gone!?!?! Now I'm thinking that I'm crazy!

BTW-He got home at 10pm. 38 hours after he got to work. UGH!


Karen Valinda said...

How does one 'rate' a blog post about someone's life??? 1 star... not exciting enuf... 2 stars, exciting but not enuf trauma - YEESH!

teal mermaid is fabulous darling!

The Lowes said...

someone mentioned the ratings to me on my blog and i totally didn't get it. i don't see that anywhere.

i love the mermaid dress, it's so pretty i just wanna wear it!

i can't wait to see the underpriced pirate captain!!

Hillary said...

38 hours of work is not just bad for the worker! It's brutal for the mommy at home. It's amazing how the munchkins go crazy without a second parent stepping in - if not for anything but keeping mommy sane! I HATE financial statements!!!!!!!