Monday, May 12, 2008

Running Errands

Today was a Monday. That means a costume is about to be done and I'm running around collecting all those last minute items to finish it up. Today I spent 45 minutes looking at buttons and eventually I spent $50 just on buttons. It was painful!

We went to drop off kids, JoAnn, Heddy's back to JoAnn and then to Smith's to buy lunch since George had been such a trooper. As we drove around I was quizzing George on her letters. My vain attempt to make the hours in the car productive. As we approached Lone Mountain on the way to Jr's school I asked her what letters she could see on the sign. Her response had me laughing to the point of tears "Are you kidding me? Those letters are freakin' tiny!" It was priceless.

I did finish the Pirate Captain and I'm going to make a profit. Just about enough to order Wii Fit, now I just have to find a place that's still selling it.

Now I've just have Cinderella and then ack! AIDA!

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remom said...

I couldn't even count all of the buttons! 15 on the shirt but the jacket had me lost at 18 or 20... couldn't see 'em all in the pic now could we?

It looks great. Is this for a party customer? Seems like a lot more detail than a stage costume might need. IMPRESSIVE