Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Channel Surfing

Last night was a TV night. I watched Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and then I was randomly surfing until midnight when I gave up waiting for ElCid to come home. I have no idea when he actually arrived but he did and then at 6:49 he was kissing me good-bye and I reminded him to be home in 12 hours for YW.

While I surfed I came across some random TV, which is what surfing is all about right?

First I was watching The Bachelor which ended last night, I only watched it in pieces so maybe the girl he picked wasn't as bad as she appeared to be. She was a total bleach blonde and acted like one too.

Then I moved on the news for a little while but it's so depressing this week. They found a newborn in a trash can at the Excalibur. It happens every so often the last time was at the Mandalay Bay 2 years ago. It took a week to track down the idiot who gave birth last time and they're working to find the person who did it this time.

I moved on to the Tyra show which is so much worse than it sounds. She does okay on ANTM but in a talk show setting it's OBVIOUS how stiff and unnatural she is. When you read off the teleprompter that much it's no longer a talk show! Anyhow her show was about being a Bunny at the Bunny Ranch in Pahrump. She followed 3 girls as they joined the Ranch and had their first time with a John. It was like a car wreck, so yucky but you dared not look away. 2 of them decided to stick with it but one was only 18 and she couldn't hack it. No really??? A little girl who was helped out by her weird icky dad to get ready to go couldn't handle that??? Well paint me surprised! The thing that got me was the guy who ran the ranch. He said every girl at one time or another has seen Pretty Woman and thinks yeah I could do that. I agreed with the louder half of the audience NOOOOOO! There were some people in the camera shot was just giggled and a couple who kinda shrugged and I was just all like ICK! Just so you know, I have never considered that line of work.

I surfed through Leno and a bit of Dave but the last thing that caught my attention was an ABC nightline thing. It was about a lady they called "Queen of the Mommy bloggers". She blogged about her boss getting botox and not being able to talk so she got fired. She eloped with her now husband, had a baby and is now making 40K a year off her blog from advertising. She lives in Utah somewhere and I wouldn't say she's LDS but she might have been raised that way. One of the things she said was that her Dad didn't speak to her for three months after a Martini induced rant on religion. I don't care that she writes about her family online, hello so do I but they were asking what makes her so special. She said it was because she's willing to say things other people aren't willing to say. Like what you ask? Like that being a Mom is hard, somedays she wonders what she's gotten herself into (it appeared that she still only has the one kid), that she's willing to be honest. I say those same things and so do most of the mom's I know and we don't make 40K a year doing it! The other thing that bugged me was her mirth at the fact that there was an ad for a Book of Mormon right above a picture of the mug she bought in Palm Springs. A mug that looks like a woman's chest. I'm sure the demographic they want to target visits her page but it certainly rubs me the wrong way to think some of my money might be paying for an ad on a page like that.

After that I called ElCid and told him I was gone and to be safe and then it was this morning. When I woke up by myself to face another day of kids, dishes, laundry, work, carpool, house cleaning, church duties, and well you know the rest you're just reading this as you take a break from the same list!


Karen Valinda said...

Maybe it is because I am older than 'pretty woman'... never considered that career.
JE channel surfed with you, I thought he was asleep, HE knew I was on the computer... he tells me Leno mentioned retiring in a year. Or maybe the writer who wrote the bomb of a joke is retiring in a year so there was no point firing him... obviously I was NOT there.
Not sure whether I feel sorrier for the wanna be 'honest' blogger or her child. What is the scripture ...call good evil and evil good?
Isaiah 5:20-21(2Ne15:20-21)
Caving to the lesser levels and/or motivations of human nature ~ a serious waste of life, regardless of monetary result. Being old does have SOME pluses.

The Lowes said...

this sounds like my experience in the middle of the night. i couldn't sleep from 4-6am so i channel surfed and was amazed at the trash on tv. i got sucked in to watching this infomercial about this little "bullet" type food processor. then a dumb workout infomercial on the spanish channel with these latina girls who were trying to be sexy as they worked out. blah....