Sunday, May 18, 2008

A J.Lo list of Junk

- I found my phone!! I talked to the Mom with the beautiful hair on Thursday night and then it went dead before I could find it. I finally got really desperate after I looked all over the kitchen and my bedroom and took a big trash bag into the pit of despair (my sewing room/den). After 5 minutes of picking up trash off the floor I found it! It was in my trash can under my serger desk. It was in no danger of going in the outside trash can because I'm the only one who'd take it out. It's charging and tomorrow I'll have my left hand back. :)

- I no longer need my diaper bag. I haven't used it in a couple weeks and tonight I cleaned it out and put in in the DI box. It was a little bit sad. My baby only needs a pull up when she goes to bed at night. She doesn't need help at nap time and she has very few accidents.

- I went and met with the director this evening for a costume meeting. There are some incredible pieces to be made and loads of fun stuff to buy as well. We talked and went through the script for 3 hours. I've got 3 months (minus 5 days) until we open. Let the countdown begin! I should find one of those countdown things everybody has...Where do I get them?

- This morning George has ElCid and I laughing up a storm. She came in and asked ElCid if she could make some lemonade with the leftover powder from Fred's baptism. I said certainly NOT the last time they made lemonade my counter was sticky for a week. As sweet as could be George said "Mommy I was not asking you, I was asking Daddy!" I explained if I said no Daddy was going to give the same answer and she ran away howling mad to tell her sisters they had been denied.

-Well I think that's everything, J.Lo usually has longer lists...but at least I didn't end with #9. :)


Safire said...

I get my count down things at or Have fun with this project!

remom said...

I read your blog to Moga, she had called with a Harborstone question, and she was cheering for George*! (Even louder than I was) Have to admire her* optimism!

You never mentioned Safire had her babies! Thank goodness she has a photo on her posts...


The Lowes said...

thanks for not ending with #9, i would have been pretty mad at you. my nickname can be j.lo thats what i write on all my drinks at a party or something so no one gets my germs! hehe