Friday, May 16, 2008

Career Day - The real deal

It was a lot of fun to go and talk at the school today. I was totally amused by a conversation between two dads before it got started. The one was totally disgusted that the counselor was scrambling with a last minute cancellation. He was all it's just one afternoon. Why can't people step up and come help out. Everybody has a job, are they ashamed of what they do? This room ought to be overflowing with volunteers! It sounded a lot like what we say about PTSO we don't want your whole life every day. Coming to just one Family night and helping out would be fantastic.

My favorite question was "How did you get your hair to do that???"

The most frequently asked question was "Are you Cinderella?" Usually that was followed by someone else saying "No she's Belle! Can't you see?"

My favorite comment was "You look so stinkin' cute!"

The costumes were a great hit and I think all the staff got a big kick out of seeing me all decked out.

Here we are all dressed up. (I'm going to give ElCid photography lessons later.)


Hillary said...

You both are adorable as Belle. I bet all the girls thought your profession was the COOLEST. I mean, who gets to be a princess everyday?

The Lowes said...

I love the two belles and i HATE the cinderella comment!! ANYTIME I was dressed up (no matter who I was dressed as) someone would always ask if I'm cinderella...UGH...get ur characters STRAIGHT!!

Zanne said...

I am so glad you made the blue Belle dress, very cute. My elementary school never had career day...hee hee maybe there was a reason for that. Did you make the wig yourself or just style it yourself? Very fun.

remom said...

You looked adorable... both of you! I think the ballgown Belle MAY have needed a little more makeup...

You would make a good Dorothy, ya know? If I could just find the family video so you could polish up that Kansas accent you once did SO well ;-}

We always had boring or hard to understand careers at our career days... although one boy had a dad who was a REAL fireman.

redheadsmom said...

cute, cute, cute! Although I was really hoping to see my blue sleeping beauty, I do understand need for mobility.