Monday, May 19, 2008

Community Brainstorming

In the most recent Family Fun magazine they had the CUTEST faux sushi. It's made out of pound cake, icing, coconut, various toppings and fruit roll ups.

I went looking for my issue to scan the picture in but it's wandered away. I know shocking.

I want to make them for the girls teachers as a year end treat and deliver them in super cute take out boxes.

Here's where the brainstorming comes in, what should the note say to tie in the cute sushi? So far I'm kinda striking out, this is what I have - There's nothing fishy about it, I've had a fintastic year!

Can any of you super creative people come up with something better? Please let me know. :)


The Lowes said...

i'm gonna go check out family fun website. i used to get the mag but not anymore i just realized...where did it go?

my brain is broken right now so i can't think of anything for you but i like what YOU came up with! i got released from YW after almost a full year btw...SUCH a relief...I couldn't be more thankful.

Safire said...

So my first thought was, "You are as good as raw fish!" but that would probably be taken the wrong way. (I'd like to blame my lack of creativity on twins. Can I do that?) How about, "Loved the way you rolled this year?" or "You made me like sushi; you put the good stuff in the middle and rolled till I turned out right."

Really corny but the teachers might like it. I can think of more if you need.

remom said...

Dear Miss (Mrs) _____________
My favorite lesson this year was learning to try new things!

and thanks for all the fish!

that would only work if they were old enuf to have read Hitch hiker's guide to the Galaxy... and a monogramed towel would make it complete ;-} (most important item when traveling the galaxy, ya know!)

Beki said...

Ok, maybe I'm lame, but why does it have to actually be so tied-in? What about a nice note saying thanks, and that you are sending them some sweet take-out? Or something that? Maybe it's my secondary teaching training or the university teaching aspirations coming out, but aren't they intelligent enough to think the treats are cool anyway, and what they'll care most about is the thank-you part?