Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Career Day

I basically took a day off today and made something for myself. You were all sitting down, right?

Friday is career day and I am going to speak to Fred's class, another 2nd grade class and a 4th grade class. Last year I wore my tea server dress and I could wear it again but I wanted something new and fun. I could wear the Sleeping Beauty dress I made for Flo but it really gives me NO range of motion. I need to be able to move.

I've always liked Belle's blue and white outfit she wears in the beginning of the movie so I decided to go with that. This morning George and I went and bought the stuff to make it and now it's done.

Fun Fact - The whole outfit cost less than the buttons for Captain Jack.

Here is how it turned out. Fred asked repeatedly if I was going to wear make-up (I am) and unfortunately the apron hits at a bad spot but only crunches will fix that. Fred insisted I be reading a book in one of the pictures.

I need to rework the wig a little bit but I think it looks good overall. Now I'm headed back to Cinderella and working on the speech!

(maybe if my chest was stomach would look smaller...maybe)


The Lowes said...

Lovely Lovely!! I think it's beautiful and I love that dress of Belle's too, especially the songs she sings in it!!

remom said...

didn't you and Moga find some "instead of's" for her to wear with dark Chi?

I think you look very approachable and if you start the crunches now, before next career day you'll be taking the outfit in at the seams!

They expect you to look amazing AND make a speech?!?!?! Yeesh!

Heidi said...

Way to go! I love it!