Monday, May 26, 2008

A Better Day

I didn't have to get up early, or fight to get people ready, or drive car pool.

It was a much better day. We had a slow morning and then we went to see Prince Caspian.

Even George was well behaved and they all used the bathroom just once. ElCid had to go twice (hehe) I'm not sure how the people behind us liked us but it was early -10:25- and it is a kid kind of movie.

After we got home we spent about an hour cleaning the back yard, throwing away broken toys, cleaning up sheets and towels that some how made it out there. It wouldn't be quite so bad if it weren't all dirt. :( Well maybe someday.

I'm working on my AIDA costume plan. I went last Sunday and we talked about almost everything now I just have to make a plan of attack. I should scan in some of the costume sketches so you can see what I've got on my plate.

I think I'm supposed to make barbeque for dinner so I'd better get on that. I'm still annoyed but trying to feel less so!


creeks wife said...

A relaxing day is always a great way to take your worries away. (For the most part anyway)

Karen Valinda said...

SO, how did dinner work out? JE and I almost got coney dogs at Sonic, almost got chicken salad at Jack in the Box, DID get frozen fries at WalMart, and a whole chicken (raw) and HOT french bread and called it good ;-} Ate the fries and leftover chili so we have the chicken cooked for today and the next day!

I agree with your "better day" title... only we didn't see a movie... much to JE's dismay. Planted herbs and tomatoes, bought a new filter for the new fish tank, butter, yogurt and OJ on sale at Fred Meyer, the WalMart stuff and chatted with Missionaries for a couple hours, fed 'em ice cream, sent 'em home and went to bed... can we just paste this to my blog so it will look like I am back in the game?


Hillary said...

we had a good day too - some friends and an "indoor" bbq. Hope yours was fun too!

The Lowes said...

i'm glad ur sounding better in this post. i was worried u might commit a felony from the sound of that last one.