Saturday, May 24, 2008


Lunges still feel the same even if they are done with a video game. Fred says they don't hurt her and if you saw her do them you'd know why.

The driver side window on Bunso has been temperamental for a long while and in general won't work when it's hot and humid outside. After we came home from Washington in March it stopped working all together, apparently she also likes Washington weather because I was playing with the window switch today and it worked! I was totally surprised! To celebrate I got Taco Bell for the people who stayed home playing while I bought patterns for AIDA.

This afternoon we're going to Uncle DDS's house for a barbeque, apparently a couple of ElCid's cousins graduate. When I find out from what I'll let you know.

Flo is in town with her dad and I'm trying to convince her to stop at my house on the way out of town later to play my Wii Fit! She's driving back by herself which is never any fun so she ought to have fun before she goes.

My poor beautiful white board is getting dirty! I'm very bummed that the cover isn't available yet. They have them online but they don't ship until next week. How dumb is that? Maybe I'll look around some more here, that worked for getting the game.

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Karen Valinda said...

White board?
Did Flo get to stop by?
I like Taco Bell...

How did the bbq go? It was college graduations, right?

So does Fred 'modify' her lunges? As in enough to fool the wii but not enough to tax the muscles?

sound busy, you do ;-}