Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nothing New

And this week that is a good thing!

I had a client ask me to take in a Jasmine costume and I did that today as well as work on some AIDA stuff which will be basically everyday from now until August 13th. Then it will only be twice a week.

I went to Sam's and stocked up on all those things I'd run out of - except toilet paper! I was so put out when I got home and saw the almost empty package.

I found out today that Jr.'s teacher will have her birthday over track break so we went to Target to get a couple toys for her puppies. I somehow managed to spend way more $$ then I thought and it wasn't on the present. Must be those rising prices they keep talking about on the news.

Tonight was YW's and I went and was supportive and didn't talk much. Not that any of the girls from my ward were there they were from the other ward. We combine with them on Tuesday nights. No, I'm not holding a grudge or being bitter.

Tomorrow is last day of school for 3 weeks! I'm excited it will be a nice break. If everything goes as planned we'll spend the 3rd week of June in Idaho. By a river, with no indoor flushing plumbing. I will definitely take pictures of my children's faces when they see the outhouse.


Zanne said...

I am imagining their faces when you explain "that IS the bathroom...you can go potty in there" and I am stifling a giggle.

The Lowes said...

you should have seen MY face as i'm reading about ur lack of plumbing. yuck...that's not for me.

Karen Valinda said...

You neglected to mention that it is an old church pew rescued from the dump 25 years ago and IS, in fact, a two seater... since your youngest uncle was 3 at the time and thus unable to go potty alone.
NOR do I see mention of the awesome view if one leaves the curtain open (or at least ajar) and the huge stash of Reader's Digests and National Geographics that take up a good quarter of the outhouse.
Also missing is the fact that as of last year there IS a composting toilet in the trailer... no bugs, no odors, no chance of meeting a moose on the trail at midnight...

redheadsmom said...

If George can see the down the big hole, I am wondering how miserable she will get before being convinced it's okey!