Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where are we going?

So we don't drive to St. George very often this time of year, I generally have to come by myself and the kids have been so little that isn't always fun.

We stopped in Mesquite to grab dinner and ice cream and on our way into the gorge Fred asked "Where are we going?" with all the wonder and disdain a 7 yr old can muster (it's a lot if you don't have one). I replied "Grandma's house...St. George" (DUH) "Well this doesn't look right" "What? This is the gorge?!?" "Well why is it

I laughed and explained this is what spring looks like we just don't usually come so early in the year. She looked skeptical but believed me anyway.

See even my 7 yr old knows that this part of the country isn't as green as CSI made it look. (Only 12 more days!)

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The Lowes said...

Uhhh, I'm TOTALLY gonna be full on makeup for this one. I'm gonna be so hot I might even think about sending the delivery room photos in to Playboy! With my big boobs and long hair, they won't be able to resist!!!