Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a day

I got all the last details and Sleeping Beauty is well under way. This girl is SO tiny her dress doesn't actually fit on the dress form. Fred's waist measurement is 2 inches smaller than hers. :) I just pin it on.

I got the call today that I will be speaking at Career day in May. I'm going to grab Sleeping Beauty blue from Flo in St. George this weekend and I'll wear it then.

I'm totally feeling the fact that it is April 3rd. Only 12 days to go (14 days until CSI night!!!).

I'm also totally feeling my allergies. I'm WAY sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

We are running away to St. George this weekend for General Conference. The week after that I teach my first lesson. I will be teaching all the girls because there are like 5 of them that come on Sundays so until we get some people reactivated that is the set up.

Hehehehe CSI is somewhere today that is SO NOT Vegas. Way to green, even for this time of year. California is such a pretty place. :)


redheadsmom said...

Maybe they think people from Vegas don't actually watch the show:) Everyone who visits is to busy gambling or getting wasted to notice anything outside of the strip.

Karen Valinda said...

Hey, Ddonn... I am starting to worry about you... this CSI stuff is even affecting your blog! I thought it was just your allergies at first but these cryptic references WILL end after the mid month CSI, right? ;-}

You will do great with the YW lessons... just don't "betsy brydson" them and you will be brilliant! (After all those years in Primary your ability to interact on an age appropriate level with teenagers might have slid, ya know?)

love you best! Taking Grammy to the temple after I eat last night's dinner for breakfast... long story. xoxoxox