Thursday, April 10, 2008


Are you freaking serious! I still have to wait 2 WEEKS!!! They are doing a repeat next week so the episode to watch is STILL two weeks away!! I thought I was finally on the home stretch and NOOOO I still have to wait! So here it is again -

Remark your calendar April 24th (Buh's Birthday)
watch CSI on CBS

This time it's for real I promise. I saw the preview it's the right one. I should know...I promise.

Anyhow tragically the CSI tonight was pulled from the headlines here a couple years ago. Unfortunately for little "Jane Cordova Doe" her story took weeks to figure out and it wasn't an accident she was abused by her stepdad, she died and she was placed in a box and left in a dumpster at the Cordova Apt. complex. Her grandma in CA finally saw the pictures and identified her. The first time I saw a picture of her nothing stood out, then I got a catalog in the mail and on the back was the jacket she was wearing in all the pictures. A very expensive jacket. I figured the jacket was going to come into play eventually and it did, when her Grandma saw the pictures she said "Yes that's Crystal, I bought her that jacket." There is still a memorial today where they found her despite the efforts of the city to redirect the memorial to a park near our house. It's the Children's Memorial Park and there is a tree planted there for her.

It always makes me sad that the worst CSI stories are actually real. The story in two weeks isn't real, and you have to watch!


redheadsmom said...

oh, sure! of course the real episode is finals week! that totally blows (but of course I will still watch)

Karen Valinda said...

Ddonn! We wrote it on the calendar in ink! Now JE will hide the pens from me, thanks! And why are you encouraging your brother in his bid for two birthdates?!? I know it was 24 April here but in Erlangen it was 25 April and THAT is the date on his birth certificate... some people's moms making a big deal out of when you "really" turn a year older should have considered where it would lead down the road, eh?

The Lowes said...

That is incredibly SAD. I hate reading about kids who have to go through that crap. The adoption process opened our eyes to a LOT of abuse in the world and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that people are capable of being so HORRID.