Saturday, April 12, 2008

Those tough questions

I was quizzing Fred about the possible RSVP's for her party and I asked about her best friend from 1st grade S and she replied "oh she'll come if she can but if C (her little sister) is in the hospital because she has cancer S can't come." I was all "WHAT!?!?!" Fred replied cool as ice "No mom not that C (a close friend her age) S's little sister C". My reply was "It's not good if either C has cancer!"

It took me a couple days to find the number to call S's mom to see if the little sister really did have cancer (Fred was just SO nonchalant about it) and yes sure enough the bubbly, happy, high spirited 2 year old has Leukemia. I was stunned. I know cancer can hit anyone anywhere but I just feel so bad for them.

I tried to explain to my kids that cancer is a really bad sickness and it's not easy to get better from it and that little kids die from it everyday. ElCid had a boss that passed away nearly 2 years ago from lung cancer and I reminded them of that. That brought on the questions of well who can get it? how long does it last? And then the heart breaker...Jr came over with her brown eyes huge and worried "Could I get cancer and die?" I couldn't lie to her so I said "Yes my Love you could, but I would pray hard and we would fight the sickness with all the medicine there is" She came back happily with "And if I did die Grandpa Lindsay would take care of me in heaven" That is something she always brings up if the subject of death is ever discussed. She knows he is there and that he would love to hang out with her and watch her until I could come and take over. Let's just hope that never happens.

If any of you have an extra moment in your prayers please remember the Roberts Family.

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The Lowes said...

Sometimes I think it's US that makes a big deal about death and kids are WAY smarter than us and know SO much about the plan of salvation that they think, "what's the big deal??" Jake's friend's father was shot from an in home invasion and paralized from the waist down. Another relative was there at the time and killed. Jake told me this story like he would tell me about his day at school..."oh yeah...ya know.." I was freaking out thinking..WHAT!?! Is this true?!?! When I found out it was, I had the same reaction as you and told Jake how serious this was. His reply was, "yeah but were all going to die." CrAzY kids!!