Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still here

I'm still here plugging away at my life.

Cinderella is going well and it is certainly very shiny. This is what the person wanted. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to find a trim I like for the neckline because it's so pretty anything I put next to it looks dumb.

George has begun to see the advantages of spending half her life in the car driving "someplace". Yesterday we went to Disney store for figurines for Fred's cake (a fairy meadow) and she got nothing. Then we went to Macy's to check on a dress Flo wanted for Sally and they didn't have Sally's size. They did have it in George's size and they also had a red dress I've been loving since Christmas that was clearanced down to $6.99 originally $65. Then I walked over to a different clearance rack and sitting there were 3 dress up dresses that George just HAD to have. They were Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora in the new gold tones. All 3, a perfect set all in her size, all originally $60 now $13 each. I caved, she was SO excited, and was very much in love instantly. She walked out of Macy's with 5 new dresses and on a cloud of happiness.

Since that worked so well she has decided to try and get something at each stop. She isn't always successful and sometimes I get lucky like today at Smiths I bought "her" bread so she could have P,B&J for lunch. I might not be saving any money now that Moga is gone, George is intent on spending it all!


Safire said...

Hehe...sometimes I love to cave just to see the look on her face of a treat! :)

Karen Valinda said...

I want to come shopping with you and George! Maybe we will find something for me you just can't resist... maybe!!!