Saturday, April 26, 2008

My fabulous shopping skills

That tonight were wooing the men. No really, it was funny.

Currently Smiths is running it's cereal promotion. They do it once every couple months and for Mommies like me it's priceless. The deal is 8 boxes for $8. The trick is you don't stop at the front of the store grab the cereal there and go. You walk the extra 100 feet to the cereal isle and grab 4 of the coupons they have in those automatic coupon dispensers. Each coupon is for .75 cents off 2 boxes. Now your 8 boxes (since Nevada is one of those unsinful places- tax on food is a sin) are only $5. - total. That is .62 cents each and it's only that hard. It's a little know secret I've come to discover like tonight. Here's how it went down.

I did my usual cereal trip and got in line. ElCid went to go grab milk and was slower than I anticipated so two guys got behind me. We'll call them mg (metro guy)1 & 2 the other character is the cashier.

mg1- so cereal's on sale?
me- yup it's 8 for 8 this week
mg1- you have 9 boxes
me - really? (I recount)
mg1 - no just pulling your leg
me- well it could happen I was just loading them onto my husband's arms
mg1- so where'd he go?
me-to get milk
mg1- you eat a lot of cereal
me- well my kids do, I have 3
mg1- oh, maybe I should grab some too
me- well if you do make sure to get the coupons from the cereal isle so it's only $5
mg1- really?
me- yeah
mg1- wow I wish my wife shopped like that
me- well my husband is an accountant I have to watch my dollars (I didn't mention I usually watch them fly away to Target and JoAnn)
At this point the cashier was finishing up the sale and was all Wow that really makes it a good deal you saved $22!
me- it's the only way I buy cereal
cashier- well yeah but where'd you get the coupons? (apparently she missed that part)
me- in your cereal isle
cashier - really?
me- they're in those coupon dispensers
cashier- well I'm going to have to get me some cereal after work!
Now ElCid is back with the milk
mg1- hey we like you
ElCid - um okay
mg2- we need to figure out how to get our wives to shop like that
ElCid - well that's all her

They borrowed my Smith's card to get the discount on their Coke and Jack Daniels, ElCid bought the milk (he saved .08 cents) and on our way to the car the two guys were standing next to mg2's truck discreetly peeing in the parking lot. I'm not sure why they needed MORE alcohol. He rightfully accused me of shameless flirting and I remarked I must be pretty old and boring if I'm flirting about how to save big $ on cereal. I'm sure it doesn't read as funny as it was, but it made me laugh.

For our hot date tonight we saw Forbidden Kingdom the new Jacki Chan movie. It was good and not even just for a Jackie Chan movie. Part of the music was recorded at Bastyr University where Nan went to school.

I went on a hike this morning at 7 am with the youth (they want my whole life!) and it was actually pretty fun. Hiking is one of the outdoors things I actually enjoy. That and bike riding which I've been doing more of lately with the girls...but that's a whole other post.


Karen Valinda said...

JE and I used our Christmas movie gift card to see "Forbidden Kingdom" at 5:15pm* yesterday! GREAT MINDS!
(*the last matinee of the day. It cost 13.00 so our balance is 12.00 and for 1.00 we can see another matinee some day! Well you were talking about being careful with $!)
SK is good about sales, his 200 boxes of cereal... the first set of 8 cost 12.34, generates a 10.00 coupon (as do all succeeding sets)so all succeeding sets are 2.34. (that was at Albertson's where I NEVER shop ;-)
Someone (like you) told him about it... he excels at follow thru! Especially when it saves money.
I don't think HE is a shameless flirt tho'...
;-Þ xoxoxox

Hillary said...

AWESOME!!! Way to save $$ so you can spend it on things you ENJOY to buy!

Yes, YW does take your whole life. It's a great sacrifice that brings the best rewards. Do you get to go to camp too? Rog gets to stay home with Sarah while I go this year. Wahoo! There's nothing like being prego at camp.

Zanne said...

CEREAL FTW! That is all.