Thursday, April 24, 2008

Freakin' Awesome!!

To quote Hi-Dee's kids ;).

So yes, the super cool thing was MY name got used in tonight's episode and it was just for ME!!!! How do I know it wasn't for somebody else or the writer just pulled it out of thin air?
Here's why...

My fabulous husband used his connections and TA-DA!! I get to use 30 seconds of my fame. (I'm saving the other 14min 30 seconds for Jeopardy. ) I did ask specifically to be a victim. I didn't want to be some sobbing mother/wife/child/friend. I wanted to be the person in the morgue. I do have a sick sense of...humor?

I know I'm not the only Valinda, I met one in high school she was in the same choir class with me for a couple weeks, it's an unincorperated city in LA county and if you google Valinda there are some politicians with the name. I really like my name but I always have to spell it for people and I've never found it in a what to name your baby book. I also love that all of the other Valinda's out there got the happy surprise that our name is so neat-o that it got the recognition that it deserves!

Now my awesome name lives on forever!!!!
(Because the plastic the DVD's will be burned onto won't bio degrade for 10000 years)


The Lowes said...

OKAY...well that makes more sense to me than just your name randomly popping up in the episode. It also explains how you knew about it SO FAR in advance. That's really cool!! What does ur hubby do? Did he ask them to hook me up too so we could BOTH be victims? I liked being dead with you, let's do it again some time.

Karen Valinda said...

Oh please Ddonn... the 10000 years is just 'their' best guess, it'll take longer for the ones with YOU on 'em! It was cool and I will have to watch it on my computer so I will have the whole story, not just from the guy holding a gun on her to the end.
Love you best! Wonder where you got the awesome name from...

Hillary said...

Super cool. We watched it online this morning.

Zanne said...

Since we were in the throes of graduation for my honey, we watched the episode with ALL my in-laws on 3 big screens in the Foreign Language Lounge at BYU. My father-in-law even recorded it for me. :D