Sunday, April 27, 2008

Budding Artist

George has gotten to the point in her drawing talent where her pictures are taking on actual shape and they are SOOO fun. Here are some of her latest pictures.

My Family

My Pet dog (? I have no clue.)

Me throwing a BIG fit

Daddy wearing a hat

None of her people smile yet but they certainly are expressive! Her personality is growing by leaps and bounds these days and I'm enjoying every moment of it!


The Lowes said...

I LOVE these drawings!! They are so precious. You need to frame them and put them up in her room to inspire her to draw more!!

Karen Valinda said...

JE first had to figure out which niece George is ... and then pay me so I won't tell Fred and Jr that he thought they might be the artist! It IS early in the morning!

Is that 'dinosaur hair' in the 'fit throwing' picture?

please kiss George for Grammy and little uncle 'lucas' xoxoxox

redheadsmom said...

so cute