Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting closer

Well I'm finishing up the last details for Saturday. This is making me very happy!

Her dress has been done for several days, I do still need to go to GAP and get all white under-roos.

I ordered the deli trays from Sam's club today and when I pick those up I'll also grab rolls, veggie trays and drinks...I don't know if she picked that yet.

I bought her scriptures today. I splurged and got her a pocket sized Hymn book too. I figured that would be something she'd use for a long time. I asked what she wanted the front of the book to say Fred or her full name and she said just Fred.

My house is still a bit messy but it's coming along. I've had an offer of help for tomorrow from one of my Laurels, there is something good about this job!

I'm feeling like I'll be ready, I just have to work on my talk. Yes, Fred wants me to give the Baptism talk.


redheadsmom said...

Yeah! I am getting so excited!

Karen Valinda said...

THE talk!

Woot! I can make faces at Ddonn whilst she is trying to be serious! ;-Þ

I would not mess up Fred's special day by being juvenile, however I WOULD (obviously) clutter your blog comments with evidence of my immaturity... sorry*_*

I realized that JE and I had better pack today so there will be no last minute surprises. We are taking Brent's advice and wearing our Sunday clothes on the plane. We each plan (my idea... he has not accepted that resistance is futile) to just have a backpack with unders, pjs and a casual outfit so there will be NO checked baggage to wait for ;-}
We get to be there 49.5 hrs, I have NO desire to spend any of it admiring the SW baggage carousel!