Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is co-operative and a pleasure to have in class

That phrase stalked me on my report card from 1st grade (didn't do K) all the way through my last semester my senior year of high school. I always felt like it was saying I was boring and unoriginal, not creative or brave enough to make trouble.

Lucky for my kids CCSD let's the teachers have more lee way on the comments section of the report card. They came out today.

Jr. is doing well but there isn't much to say. She doesn't get grades. Her teacher did say this about her- Jr's handwriting has improved greatly both when writing numbers and letter. Jr. knows all letter sounds and is able to identify both capital and lowercase letters. She is able to identify three dimensional shapes in the environment, recite and recall the days of the week in order, and read simple words/sentences. Behaviorally, Jr is a model student. She is an excellent helper to the teacher and her classmates. Please continue to read the materials in the book envelopes nightly with her to maintain progress.

Fred did very well -
writing- 95%
Math - 91%
Science/health - 92%
Social Studies - 91%

Her problem areas (below 90%) are in Research and Study skills, spatial relationships, data analysis, health, and economics.

Her teacher wrote-Fred is doing well in all academic areas. She is excelling in reading and is also doing very well in writing. She prints very nicely and her stories are always well written. Fred also meets all of the math standards. She is doing very well in science /health and social studies. Keep up the great work.

They both got exceptional progress in; observes school rules, follows classroom rules, follows directions, accepts responsibility, works independently, works cooperatively, completes and returns homework on time, and quality of work.

My only complaint is that the teacher can't mark my kids as exceeds standard. I asked at the beginning of the year and it's no longer an option. For example Fred has 127% in Reading Comprehension Literature and that "meets standards" according to the little comment section. My response is always, Really? 127% only meets standards? That doesn't bode well for the average kids, they'll never have a chance! Meets standards is ALL that was marked for Jr. and I know she's doing better than that the teacher has told me so. It is JUST an elementary report card but it still bugs me, obviously.


redheadsmom said...

while it is great to have brilliant children, you should probably refrain from calling other's children "stupid" if you are going to be PTSO president. There really is no such thing, they probably less fortunate circumstances.

redheadsmom said...

they probably have less fortunate circumstances (i missed have before)

Karen Valinda said...

What would happen to the bell curve if there weren't people to hold down the front edge?! Variety serves a purpose... eh?

Thank you for typing the comments, etc here... grammys really DO want to read all the details, keeps us in the loop! Makes us look smarter too when we come to visit and know pertinent things to say...

soon ! ! ! xoxoxox

Valinda said...

okay okay I worded the post less offensively. I too cave to peer pressure.

Zanne said...

Yikes! I learned something new about you today! How is it possible that I didn't know you never went to kindergarten...I knew you started early...since we are only 6 months apart, yet you were always a grade ahead of I didn't see the original post...but thanks for the details, my friends have great kids :D