Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer Plans

Well I decided to take the first step, here is the post you'd see on my Costume blog today.
Hi! I have been given the opportunity to costume a community theater production of AIDA. This project is going to be a full time gig and unfortunately I will be unable to do Princess dresses until it is complete. If I find that I have extra time I will be sure to post it here but there are 5 labor intensive high fashion pieces that will take at least a week each!

As my projects get done for the show I'll be sure to post the progress here.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all in August!
As most of you know Peter Pan was a BIG job and not always what I expected at times. I feel I have a better grasp of how things will work and I know what "reasonable demands" I can make. This show also has less pieces to build and more to shop for. It won't be any less work just a different kind.

We'll see how I do during the summer with this work load and I'm going to make the big decision to keep working or make is JUST a hobby until George goes to school. Also with Fred & Jr's school going to 9 months the enrollment is near capacity. I might just have to offer up my life to be PTSO President to keep them there. Yes, the other school is that bad. It was on Dr. Phil. (seriously)

Other summer plans include going to my Grandma's house for a week in June. It's in Elk City Idaho. We'll be "camping" in an RV with hiking, a river and loads of fun times at our disposal!


Susan said...

Go you! I am so happy for you, and I appreciate all the posts and pics.

Karen Valinda said...

Which charactors are you costuming Ddonn? All? Some? Most? Men? Women? Both? Inquiring minds want to know... even this far in advance

and your globe trotting sister will be trotting home this summer so there is one more thing to figure in ;-} Maybe they will have a layover in LV... they might be driving tho' I'll have to ask her... The blonde Moga might bring her handsome husband for a visit and then little people will really be confused!

The Lowes said...

good for you! take a break and spend the summer playing with your girlies and focusing on that big job.