Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Hill's Tag

My first quote was going to be from Joy of Cooking but I remembered I do have books here in the den. Okay there aren't exactly paragraphs in this book but from page 123 of Pattern Making for Fashion Design (1987) "Remove pattern, draw dart legs to bust, center dart point 1/2 inch from bust point and draw new dart legs" They are teaching how to make side darts.

So here is the deal grab the closest book that has over 123 pages. Go to page 123, the fifth paragraph and the fifth sentence (or the last one if all that doesn't apply). Write it down and say where it's from.

I'd like to see what Safire, Susan, my Mom, The Texas Princess Girl and Zanne are reading this week. Yes, it's one of THOSE things.


Karen Valinda said...

but do I do it here or on my blog?


Karen Valinda said...

when I am at my blog it won't respond to any mouse clicks... not new post or log out or anything! and this was going to be my first tag!
"When a child wanders" Robert L Millet p 123 last (3rd) paragraph
"Many years ago while working as a counselor, I met with a single mother who was struggling to rear three teenagers. She came in one afternoon particularly pensive. She said, " I have
sorry, the page ends there ;-}

Zanne said...

Shoot! I just took the book I have been reading back to the library yesterday...and I KNOW you would have recognized it.

Well, since it's Spring Break, I was doing some genealogy today with my time off. So, from Schwert's big 500+ page "H. H. Genealogy" book:
"She died 16 Nov. 1942 in Lehi, Ut. and was buried in Lewiston, Ut."
Lucky me - the 5th sentence had no real names in it!

The Lowes said...

I'm noy usually a reader, but I grabbed my "Everything Pregnancy Book" next to my bed and here goes...

"Vivid and emotionally powerful dreams are very typical during pregnancy and immediately after delivery."

Yikes...this is from the 4th month boy I am glad I'm not back there...blah...

Beki said...

À un moment, mon camarade Samson s'est arrêté de marcher, et avant que j'aie pu voir quoi que ce soit, j'ai entendu la détonation d'un fusil et Samson est tombé d'un coup, comme si on lui avait fauché les jambes.

From "Révolutions" by J.M.G. le Clezio. (This part happens to be during French revolution, talking about walking along in a battle then all the sudden his friend's dead beside him.)