Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring is Here!

Today was Jr.'s LONG awaited performance at school! Here she is waving to her captive audience (the first blond that walks across is Fred's teacher).

She did such a super fabulous job and is still singing the fun songs, over and over! (I focused in on the little girl with the ponytail on the other side because her Mom forgot her own camera and I'm in PTSO with her.)

After the performance George and I went to Sam's club to check fruit prices for Fred's edible bouquet. We got the pineapple (2.92 each) and the grapes there. Then we headed over to Smiths to get the rest of the fruit (I couldn't bring myself to spend $9 on that many blueberries we only need a handful). In the check out line they asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to breast cancer research, usually I say no because really how much gets to the actual people like 10 cents? But George was all I want to write my name!! So I went ahead and got one. The cashier dubiously handed George a pen and I "walked" her through writing her name on the paper. The cashier and bagger both stared dumbfounded and upon completion the cashier asked how old she is, I encouraged her to answer and when she said 3 they were like WOW! She's so smart! I just said thank you with a smile and smugly took George and our cart to the car.

I know teaching my kids to do so many things is great for them but it's also an amusing way for me to brag without being all ... braggy!


The Lowes said...

what the heck? 3 yrs old and can write her name?? i need to jump on the teaching train with miah...ur way ahead of me!

Karen Valinda said...

Actually she is 3 1/2... but she could do it at 3 ;-} Speaking of amazing, Jr made an amazing tulip!

I will have to call tomorrow and tell her. I love the videos, thank you for keeping us in the loop! xoxoxox

Zanne said...

The other day when I spent some time with Maria and her little girl, she was demonstrating how smart her girl was. I was pleased, but I guess I wasn't as excited as she expected, cuz she got a little frustrated at me, the "non-mommy," because I obviously didn't understand. But I chalk it up to the fact that I know really smart kids. :P