Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Five hours and counting!!

Today started with George barfing at 6:30. And then she tells me "See I told you I was going to puke!" Lucky for me ElCid had gotten her a bowl and all she puked up was water.

Jr. woke up complaining of a stomachache and I wasn't about to force her to go to school after George's display so she stayed home.

Fred also woke up saying she still had her headache from last week. I think she's feeling the same way I was a couple weeks ago so she also stayed home.

My day with 100 things planned suddenly got canned for my 3 sick kiddos. In the morning they were calm and subdued but got a wind about 11 and then crashed out at 1 for quiet time. I admit I also took a nap. I was just tired. George didn't have a great night and all the stress is just about to do me in.

The party on Saturday is creeping closer and so is her baptism. Neither thing is a world ending deal and if something doesn't get done it will be okay. I keep telling myself that, now I just have to believe it!

ElCid gets tomorrow off but has things he needs to get done like a haircut (he's masquerading as the 5th Beatle this week) and a dentist visit. I'd like to have a dinner celebration but getting people to agree might be hard.

Well now I only have 4 hours and 15 minutes. He actually cut back quite a bit this year he's only done 200 hours of overtime instead of 300. One more year down...only 32 (or more) to go.


Safire said...

Sorry everyone is sick!

Karen Valinda said...

So, you were posting at 7 pm? I saw "5 hours and counting" and thought immediately of CSI... some people's mothers!

I am headed to work in 90 minutes so I will not be making phone calls to you and spoiling freedom day... didn't want you to waste energy screening against my calls. If I call it will be for something 'real' ;-}

I spent hours yesterday with JE at his school, they were hosting day one of a two day District 3 choir festival (competition), and all 3 of our groups sang day one, it was very nice. Of Course I bought the obligatory rootbeer and ice cream for floats! You would have thought he was too young to notice the floats after concerts thing... NOT so.

Have a wonderful day! We love and miss you... xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

i thought CSI was postponed until next week?? Also, you got too close to my blog and caught our sick sickness...sorry...