Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So when I woke up this morning I could barely get my head off the pillow. Not good when I have 3 dresses to finish for Sunday!

My allergies are in overdrive and my sinuses are all stuffed and awful.

Here are the things I have managed to get done today
Went to Target and got a box, tape and bag for the dress & whole bunches of cleaning stuff I've run out of
Posted Explorer Princess
Bought Jr.'s fabric, Fred's ribbon & Heddy's had the PERFECT matching trim for Jr!!
Went to ElCid's work and her took us out for Slurpees
Went to Sam's Club and spent the required $200 on other things I'd run out of - spices, Crisco, flour, Enchanted (which they are glued to now), mini bagels, cream cheese...you get the idea

Now I am going to get started on George's dress!!


Zanne said...

Sorry, you are not feeling well. Darn those allergies!

Karen Valinda said...

The Walgrens up from church, down Jones, at the intersection of Cheyenne, had really good allergy medicine, store brand and it had D in the name... love you, xoxoxox