Friday, March 14, 2008

I need a vote

I'm very sure I know the outcome of the vote but basically I need you all to tell me to be a grown up and get rid of my junk so I DON'T grow up to be my mom.

Many years ago in high school there was a game my friends and I played with soda can tabs. If you pulled off the tab and got just the tab off it was "worth" a regular kiss.

If you pulled off the tab and some of the can came with it it was "worth" a french kiss.

We had the missionaries over to eat at our house I swear like once a week about this time and they were aware of the game I played. One very cute Elder at dinner (I don't think it was Elder Lemon, ack! I just forgot his companion's name, or Elder Clayton {who wrote to me when I went off to BYU whom I flirted with SHAMELESSLY}) went into the kitchen and cut off the entire lid and came back with a grin asking what that would be. My remark of probably eternal bliss with a suggestive grin made him blush to his toes...ahh the days when I was young enough to be scandalous with missionaries...

Anyways fast forward to today when I was stringing my cable behind my pattern drawer and came across the whole jar on the window sill in the den. My kids school is having a "tab drive" for the Ronald McDonald house, we don't drink soda hardly ever and never in cans. The only pull tabs we have are from fruit cup cans, and ravioli cans both are acceptable donations.

So here is where I need you all to tell me to stop being dumb. Do I split up the jar and send it to school or do I hold on to my old memories? Let the voting begin!


Safire said...

I remember that game! I had totally forgotten about it. I actually got really good at pulling off the whole tab in high school and Jeff is a sucker for one of those and a big eyed please...hehe.

But now, keep a few, split the rest up and send them on to a better cause!

Zanne said...

Keep the memory, get rid of the stuff. Looks like you already have pics of the jar, and that should be enough to jog your memory when your grandkids say, "Grandma, why do you have photos of pop tops?"...if you want to admit what a flirt you were. (que the memory of your flight home for Christmas your freshman year of college...where did he want you to go with him again?) But then, I tossed a LOT of boy stuff when I was packing for my mission. At least it's going to a good cause, which is more than I can say for any of my sentimental junk.

Oh, btw, I think the man from Nordstrom's would be way impressed with my parking now...I maneuver a pretty big vehicle these days, tyvm. After you left, what you said sunk in. Only YOU would bring up that oh so embarassing moment. :P

Hillary said...

Cash in the kisses and donate of the jar - like Zanne said you already have pictures of it!

Karen Valinda said...

YOUR mom has downsized majorly twice in the last two and a half years, and is still willing to toss out the fluff... set a good example for her, scrap book the photo and send the tabs on their way to virtue and glory!


The Lowes said...

i'm a MAJOR trasher, i love to trash things so this is even better than trashing it. you can get rid of it, but it goes to a good cause! give it away!!!!!

redheadsmom said...

you know what I have to say, but I will say it anyway. i agree with hillary, but now that your married, cash in for THAT and keep the pictures. i will buy you a frame if it makes you feel better.