Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two days later...

Well I'm feeling slightly better, each morning after I get my head unglued from the pillow and pop a couple dayquil anyhow. I only have to take one dose and I'm okay for the rest of the day.

The dresses have gone way better than last year, and I'm revising George's tonight then I just have to add embellishments. I think Jr.'s is my favorite. Each dress is a real reflection of the girl it goes with. They each got to pick their own design. I just required each dress be made in brown and blue. Jr.'s only brown will be in the embellishments but that is okay.

The plan is to get those finished up tomorrow and then I will spend Saturday CLEANING my messy house. Once they are finished I will be posting pictures.

As part of you know we don't do the Bunny (along with the fat guy in the red suit) but my kids still get all the perks. I found Fred's present in clearance a month ago something I've had my eye on since Christmas. I'm not sure what the other two are going to get but if I can find a guitar for George that would be great. She has a little kid broom and keeps playing it like a "kintar". I'm not sure what I can find but wish me luck!

Well back to the renovations...maybe I should have taken a before picture, me and my impulsive ideas. *sigh*

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Hillary said...

Good luck with the dresses. I am glad I don't sew this time of year (the other time I'm glad I don't sew is Christmastime) I am more than happy to just buy a cute dress from the store :) My poor Sarah won't have the opportunity to make up her own dress, but my sanity is still in tact!

As for Yes, I have visited it and have read Midnight Sun at least a couple of times. (I've re-read the books more than that ...) I had to hide my books yesterday so I wouldn't re-read my favorite parts again. Yes, I am sooooo addicted and can't wait until August for book 4. We definitely need to watch the movie when it comes out in December.