Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Dresses

Here are the first pics of their easter dresses. I'll have better pictures Sunday with full on hair and shoes but to give you all a glimpse here is what they look like.

Fred picked hers out in a store at the super mall I took pictures of it with my phone and reproduced it in her size here at home.
Jr. was handed my new favorite catalog since Storybook Heirlooms went under called Wooden Solider and was told pick the one she liked. She did and is wearing a very close reproduction of the dress.
George was also given the same catalog and picked an all brown dress with a pink sash she was great with the sash being blue but wanted the dress to "go to her foots" I tried to explain the dress in the picture would go down just past her knees and she replied "yes but mine will go to my foots". Along the way I tried to convince her that it should be shorter and every time she patiently told me that hers would go to her foots. As you can see she won on the length but I couldn't have it be all brown to the floor so I took off 6 inches and added the blue band at the bottom and the blue band on the sleeves. She looks less like her original picture but neither one of us is bothered by that.
Later today we are going to get shoes for people and hair accessories to complete the outfits. Now that I finally accomplished that (it really only took 3 days) I've done a couple loads of laundry but I still need to work on dishes. *sigh* I should get a housekeeper...

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Safire said...

So so cute! I love them all. I'm excited to get V into her easter dress on Sunday!