Saturday, March 29, 2008

The rest of the pictures!

I looked in my desk drawer 3 times for the converter piece for my micro SD card, it was never there. Today I was looking for something else and the SD card converter showed up so I decided to ignore my dishes some more and put up the rest of my pictures. These are the pictures from the Science Center.

The really big statue of some African bug

Stalker Seagull!!!!

In the dinosaur footprint

waterworks - George

and Jr.

and FredShooping at Office Max before we left, Moga encouraged this

In the car

The picture we had to tragically leave at the Science Center - Jr's

Killer butterfly!

Run they're swarming!!

Moga's house in ID

Jr & Madeline. I think M has the pics of the other 2.

Jr's house she built in Papa Larry's back yard with Uncle Buh

Fred's Easter dress inspiration

The mini tide pool I had to drag Jr away from
And that is it. Now you've seen all the pictures!

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The Lowes said...

Ya gotta take pics of the Easter dresses so we can see how they look! My kids love those water works places, especially the younger ones, they could play there forever!!